Fishing at Ollala Creek Reservoir

It took some time to figure out where to go- looking at the ODFW trout stocking schedule, but we made it up to the lake on March 22nd.

I finally decided on Ollala Creek Reservoir as it had been stocked that week and our normal favorite (Foster Reservoir) hadn't been stocked yet.

I had never been to this particular fishing hole before, so I was a little surprised at how beautiful it was there.

I went to get my fishing license before we left town and picked up some bait at the same time.

I was talking to the friendly guy behind the counter and told him I was going to get some PowerBait. And he suggested I get some Berkley Gulp in the Chunky Cheese Flavor.

I thought, It can't be be any better than the regular PowerBait. Then I looked at the price on the bottle and cringed when I saw $5.49... but the guy was so insistent that I decided to give it a try.

I'm glad I did because we were the only ones catching fish.

Recipe: Size 18 golden treble hook, small ball of chartreuse colored Chunky Cheese Berkley Gulp Trout Bait, and three medium sized split shot about 18 inches above hook.

You land fish on almost every bite with this set-up.


  1. I used to use Gulp exclusively until I got my butt kicked in a fish off. Gulp vs plain old PB. On the other hand, if it's not broke, don't fix it. If it works it's not broke.

  2. Power Bait is the only thing I use. It is much more receptive with the fish in the water. It's certainly worth spending a few dollars more.

  3. If you spend any time at all fishing for freshwater trout you are probably aware of the fact that Powerbait is an excellent choice when it comes to trout fishing bait.

  4. Power Bait is that the solely issue i exploit. it's far more receptive with the fish within the water. It's definitely price payment some greenbacks additional.
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