Recent Followers

I want to take a moment to wish a warm and heart felt welcome to some new followers on my blog. I feel grateful to have captured the attention of some of my fellow outdoor bloggers. Each of these folks have some interesting blogs. Take a moment and check them out.

Stephen M. Robinson has a nice blog called TackleBoxTalk. It's a blog for people who are interested in pursuing all kinds of fish and fishing experiences, with a little of something for everyone.

Randy, I wish you a warm welcome as well! At this time I am not aware if you have a blog or not. If you do, and would like to promote it here, post a comment or "shoot" me an email. I would love to check it out.

ove arnfinn hammeren has a nice blog in the Norwegian language , which looks pretty interesting. It includes lots of photos and tales of fishing and hunting in the arctic. There is a translation feature on the blog, so you can translate the content into English.

Mel has an excellent blog called Blog Cabin Angler about fishing the waters of Eastern Idaho. His writing is very informative and creative. Welcome to My Hunting & Fishing, Mel. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

Ben G. has a nice blog called Ben G. Outdoors. He lives in central Minnesota. He got hooked on hunting while hunting in Idaho with his father and now hunts whenever he can. Welcome, Ben!

I would like to officially welcome Shoreman to My Hunting & Fishing. You have posted several comments on my blog which I appreciate so much! I also love reading your blog, Northern California Trout and I am a little jealous about how much time you spend fishing. I know you have put in your time and your freedom is well deserved. My time will come too, I suppose. Welcome!

Troutrageous1! Welcome! I enjoy the variety of your interesting posts relating to fishing and gear. I also enjoy the stuff you have "reeled in from across the web"! Troutrageous1 writes on his blog Troutrageous! from SE Pennsylvania. He also has some unique fishing apparel for sale here.

And, last but not least, we have blazershane. Welcome, buddy! I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time. For those of you who don't know, Blazer Shane's Blog is full of beautiful photos of the local reservoirs, lakes and creeks in Southwestern Oregon. This guy catches fish year round at Applegate Lake, and to be quite frank, I am jealous. He also writes about other local attractions, like the Bigfoot Trap made back in the 1970's. You've got to see it!

To all - I have found that reading your blogs has greatly enhanced my blogging experience and I truly enjoy your writings and photos.

Thanks for giving me a follow, and rest assured that here you will be finding plenty of quality content in the future.

Tight Lines and Happy Hunting!