No 'Gills Yet in 2010

The picture above is of a nice "hand-sized" bluegill that I caught last year at Grand Prairie pond, here in Albany, Oregon.
Last year (2009) was a great year for bluegill and green perch in our local ponds. I was under the impression that every year would be just as good... Read about last year here.

My son and I tried out the above mentioned pond last Saturday and gave it our best shot, or "cast," rather. Unfortunately we didn't have much action. I was only able to bring one four-incher to the bank and it got away before I could take a quick snapshot.

We really did have a great time despite the lack of fish. I can usually catch between 20-30 fish here in just a couple of hours.

In December of 2009, we had record low temperatures and I know the pond froze pretty good. I don't know if the big freeze killed the fish off or not, or if they are all just hiding. I think it might get better as the weather warms and the water clears up (the water was a lot more murky than last year). So, who knows, I am interested to see if it gets any better later on. I sure hope it will!

On a different note, my brother and I will be going up to Lookout Point Reservoir for a little fishing derby with some of the folks from the Oregon Fishing Forum (OFF) this Saturday (March 27th). I am really looking forward to it! I went there for the first time earlier this year and caught some landlocked chinook salmon, aka "chinokanee" and some nice rainbow trout. Read about it here.

So, some time this weekend I will post pictures and stories from our trip. Stay tuned!!!

In the meantime, Tight Lines! -nimrod243