You Just Can't Beat Fishing!

Do you like to be in the beautiful outdoors, near the water, spending the day with friends and family or even by yourself? I do!

Even if you don’t catch any fish, at worst, you have just spent some quality time enjoying God’s beautiful creations.

At best, you do all the above, and you get to experience the excitement of having your rod tip dancing to the rhythm of the fish.

You can fish in beautiful weather and it’s a delight to soak in the warmth of the sun…

Or, your can fish in the rain and wind, and when you do get back into the warmth of everyday life, you appreciate it all the more.

Then, you and your family get to eat a delicious and healthy meal!

Fishing: It also teaches you patience, honor and gratitude.

Probably the only negative thing it may teach you is to stretch the truth a little (lie).
It is supposed that lying runs rampant in the angling community.

Is that just a myth? I think so.

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Tight Lines!