End of a Year, and a Decade

Well, it’s the end of a decade and the end of my first year blogging about hunting and fishing. Let me tell you, I think I like blogging about hunting and fishing almost as much as I like hunting and fishing itself, which is really a pretty good deal.

Anyways, just wanted to highlight two of my most successful hunting and fishing experiences of this decade and share a few additional thoughts.

First off, I got really lucky and harvested a trophy blacktail buck in 2006. Then I landed a steelhead from a drift boat on the Willamette River in 2009. I was fishing with two of my brothers. One of them also landed a steelhead that day.

Although not exactly the most successful trip of the decade by far, one of the most special times was when I fished with my father and brother from that same boat on the Willamette River for the first time and on Foster Reservoir in early 2009. What made it so special was the very fact that we were fishing together from a boat on waters that had always been inaccessible to us. Dad always said, maybe I’ll buy a boat “when my ship comes in.” I used to always wonder about this “ship” and when it was going to come in, and what exactly that meant. Now, I think I understand.

I didn’t do much hunting or fishing during the beginning of this decade. I was a little busy getting married and having a child. That tends to take a toll on the free time and money, which I do not regret.

I thank God for my family, for my faith, for being able to live in this free country and for allowing me to kill that four point buck back in 2006. It reignited my passion for hunting and fishing.

May this new year and new decade bring us many, many more happy days of hunting and tight lines!

Sincerely, nimrod243

P.S. I’ll see you around, whether it be in the woods, on the water, or in the blogosphere.